Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What "PCS" Means To Me

There was a time in my life that I really had no idea what PCS stood for, nor did I care. And when I had my first brush with this acronym, I found it terribly annoying. Why not just say “we’re moving” or “we’re leaving?” Is it imperative to use PCS as a verb and a noun?

We’re PCSing (verb).

When we PCS (noun).

It was Yokosuka, Japan circa early 2006. We had just arrived after a 15-hour flight with one and a half kids in tow (I was six months pregnant). Bleary eyed and mildly confused, I remember stumbling through the base thinking it looked terribly gray and industrial. Nothing like the glamorous setting of Coronado we had left behind. And then the acronyms began. And I didn’t understand one of them. PCS…AOB…PSD…they just kept coming. All I could think was OMG.

I found the military language barrier more challenging than understanding Japanese. How hard is it to forget how to say thank you in Japanese? We sang a song about it repeatedly in 6th grade (domo arigato…Mr. Roboto). I picked that one up quickly.

ut for some reason I developed a rather deep contempt for military acronyms. It likely was my way of flexing my independence. You see, I was never asked for my social security number rather my “sponsor’s (e.g., husband). It was almost as if I didn’t exist. And that can be a tough pill to swallow for those of us considered independent, strong willed and maybe a bit egotistical.

Spending two years living on a military base changes you.

For the better.

We met lifelong friends with whom we forged unbreakable bonds. We strengthen our family. And we empowered ourselves. And this happens every time you PCS (yes, I concede).

As I reflect upon the amazing adventures this noun/verb has taken us on, I see posts from friends beginning the PCS process all over again…packing up their families to drive across the country. And they don’t do it begrudgingly. They do it with vigor and enthusiasm…because this ride we’re on is one hell of an adventure.

So, yeah, we’re PCSing in August. And I can’t wait.

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Ginger Easley said...

Well written, Lisa. Thanks for sharing!